Legendary “city of witches”, Benevento is the depository of ancient memories. The ancient name of the city was “Maloeventum” (bad wind), but the Romans re-baptised  “Beneventum” (good wind), in honor of the victory over Pirro, King of the Epiro. The Samnites were the population living in the area of Benevento before the Romans, they were the only ones to resist long time the Roman power and the inhabitants of this land from that moment on held determinedly their character, in spite of the assaults of the Goths in 490 AD, the Longobards in 571, the Angioines and the Papist after the year 1000.

Benevento became a Papal city and then remained part of the Papal State until the Unification of Italy in 1861.

The Trajan Arch is the symbol of the city. It is 15m high and has survived intact, rich in decorations, commemorating the glorious feats of the Emperor.

Roman memories are also show in the Theatre dating back II AD that in the summer venue for concerts.

The Cathedral, founded in XVII century and later completely restructured, keeps the façade and the bell tower from the original structure.

The Santa Sofia church, founded in XVIII century by the Longobards, is the most evocative monument in Benevento and it is a masterpiece of Middle Age. The church has a usual star-shaped plan like the majestic Hagia Sofia in Costantinopoli, with pillars and columns of Roman origin. The cloister is magnificent and dates back to the XII century.


In the monastery of Santa Sofia is homed the Provincial Museum of Sannio with an archaeological section containing prehistoric relics, Greek and Italic ceramics, Egyptian, Hellenistic and Roman statues. The medieval section is also rich of tools, sculpture, jewelry and paintings dating from Baroque to the 1900’s.

In the Rocca dei Rettori is preserved the historical section.

In the heart of the city is the Arcos Museum “arte contemporanea Sannio”; in the garden of the St Domenico convent is the Hortus Conclusus, an ensemble of sculpture by Mimmo Paladino.





A wonderful tour in the city of the witches, walking trough Roman and Medieval testimony


Tour Price: 60€/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Tour type: Archaeology and History tour; Private tour; Walking tour.

Duration: 2 hours;

Running days: Every day

Maximum travelers: 14 (a small group guarantee a service of better quality) Tours for larger groups can be arranged on demand.

Main attractions: Trajan Arch, the Roman Theatre, the Cathedral, the Santa Sofia church, Provincial Museum of Sannio, Arcos Museum “Arte contemporanea Sannio”

What’s not included: Entrance ticket; Transportation (It can be arranged with Mercedes Limousine, Mini Van or Bus; Hotel pick-up or drop-off)

Kid Friendly: Yes

Disable friendly: Yes

I can arrange an itinerary for people with reduced mobility.



tel: +39 3284134719




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