Antiquarium of Boscoreale


Boscoreale Antiquarium is only 3 km from Pompeii. Opened in 1991, it presents artefacts from the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, Terzigno and Boscoreale. There are findings of the local flora and fauna, a collection of objects from the ancient agricultural life, food such as the typical carbonized loafs of bread, cosmetics and health remedies. Tourists and researchers that have the chance to visit this extraordinary site will be able to understand better the daily life at the time before the 79 A.D. eruption in the Vesuvian area.

‘Human beings and the environment in the Vesuvian territory’ is the title suggested by the Antiquarium that refers to a didactic exposition showing findings, plaster casts, images and impressive reconstructions of how things were at Roman times made thanks to the support of modern technologies.

Next to the Antiquarium, there is Villa Regina, a typical Roman farming settlement specialized in winemaking with the presence of a number of rooms for pressing the grapes and a lot of dolia, very large terracotta containers used to ferment and conserve the wine.




The tour includes the antiquarium and the Villa Regina. Tour dedicated to whom is looking for a deeper knoledge about the roman every day life.

Tour Price: 60 €/hour (2 hours)

Tour type: Archaeology and History tour; Private tour; Walking tour.

Duration: 2 hours;

Running days: Every day

Maximum travelers: 14 (a small group guarantee a service of better quality) Tours for larger groups can be arranged on demand.

Main attractions: The Antiquarium with food remains, plaster casts of the victims of the eruption and a number of the every day life objects. Villa Regina is an extraordinary example of villa rustica (roman farm).

What’s not included: ticket (5,50€)

Transportation (It can be arranged with Mercedes Limousine, Mini Van or Bus; Hotel pick-up or drop-off)

Kid Friendly: Yes

Disable friendly: Yes; I can arrange an itinerary for people with reduced mobility.


tel: +39 3284134719


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