Museums and Royal Palaces

Capodimonte Museum

The city of Naples has a wealth of historical museums and some of the most important in Italy:

•    The National Archaeological Museum: one of the most important for artifacts of the roman Empire in the world;
•    The National Museum of Capodimonte: the prime repository of Neapolitan painting and decorative art with several important works from other Italian schools painting and some important Ancient Roman sculpture;
•    Monastry of St. Martino: Amazing views over the city of Naples and a number of masterworks of the Baroque art;
•    Chapel of St. Severo: a jewel of the world’s artistic heritage, baroque creativity, dynasti pride, beauty and mistery;
•    Pio Monte della Misericordia: Beautiful church with an octagonal structure with paintings by Caravaggio adn Luca Giordano;
•    The Royal Palace of Naples: a majestic royal palace, official residence rarely used by the Neapolitan kings;
•    The Royal Palace of Caserta: an architectural masterpiece by Luigi Vanvitelli in the XVIII century.



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