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In the first part of the Cilento not far from the river Sele, there is Paestum, one of the main centers of the Magna Greece and one of the precious archaeological pearls of Italy.

Legend attributes its foundation to the Argonauts, but the story say that in 600 BC Greeks from Sybaris settled in this area and founded a city called Poseidonia, which soon became one of the most active of Campania.

In 273 BC the Romans established there a colony, changing the name of the city with the current one. During the empire Paestum had a long and gradual decline, until a total abandonment in the eighth century due to floods that built up the area with a lot of sediments.

The city has been only partially brought to light, imposing walls surrounds it and the main buildings are located along the Roman Cardus.

Three Doric temples of the V century BC, named Temple of Neptune, Basilica and Temple of Ceres stand in the city.


The excellent state of preservation of the buildings makes them among the best examples of the Doric order in the West.

At the center is the square named agorà by the Greeks overlooking the Ecclesiasterion (building for the public Assembly) of the V century BC and an important shrine-shaped building (perhaps a place of worship or the tomb of the founder of the city).

The Roman square was named Forum, with the Comitia (for the public Assembly) and the temple of the Capitoline Triad (Capitolium). Stood behind the forum are the amphitheater (I century BC) and a large Hellenistic pool. To the west were dug several blocks with houses of the Hellenistic-Roman.

The entire archaeological area of the city was included in the UNESCO list.

A short distance from the archaeological park is the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum, founded in 1952, that the houses artifacts dating from the VII century BC up to the VII century AD. There are precious testimonies of daily life, artistic and craft objects. Among the number of important sculptures stand out of the Treasury of the sanctuary of Hera, the painted slabs of the so called Tomb of the Diver, and several fragments of funerary paintings from the IV century BC.

Paestum tour


The visit of Paestum includes the excavations and the Museum. Paestum is one of the most popular archaeological sites with the better preserved Greek temples in the world.


Tour Price: 60€/hour

Tour type: Archaeology, culture and history tour; Private tour; Walking tour.

Duration: 2 or 3 hours

Maximum travelers: 14 (a small group garantee a better quality service) Tours for larger groups can be arranged on demand.

Main visited places: The Temple of Cerere, Nettuno, Poseidone, the amphitheater, the forum and the archaeological museum.

What’s not included: Entrance tickets;

Trasportation (If  it can be arranged with Mercedes Limousine, Mini Van or Bus, , Hotel pick-up or drop-off)

Kid Friendly: Yes

Disable friendly:Yes

I can arrange an itinerary for wheel chairs and your needs.

Tel: +39 3284134719

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