The Royal Palace of Caserta

the royal palace of caserta Vanvitelli

The Royal Palace of Caserta

In 1751 King Charles of Bourbon, in the vast work of reorganization of the kingdom of Naples, commissioned the architect Luigi Vanvitelli to design a palace that could compete with the large residences of European monarchs, particularly with the royal Palace at Versailles. They choose a more secure place for the king, because in 1742 the British fleet tried to bombard the threatened city of Naples. The work continued until 1774 under the direction of Charles Vanvitelli after his father’s death the previous year. The great dwelling includes four courtyards and many rooms (1200), chapels, museums and theaters. The park has 120 acres and long avenues, with fountains and many buildings to be explored on foot or by carts.

In the atrium of the building is located the majestic staircase with 116 steps and marble statues that mark the way. From the staircase you climb to the upper vestibule and the Palatine Chapel, with vaulted ceilings and gilded rosettes. To the left of chapel there is the entrance to the royal apartments, decorated with a refined taste where the rococo meets the neoclassicism era. The best painters, cabinetmakers and carvers of the time, who contributed to create the highest decoration of the XVIII century in Italy, conducted the decorative works. This floor is divided into new apartment, apartment of the King, Murat’s apartment, old apartment and the theater of the court.

The Park

The park replicates in total the majesty of the Palace in the fountains, in the sophistication of its waters and in its green vegetation. The sequence of fountains ends in Great Falls, said the fountain of Diana, which precipitates with a jump of 78 meters between a wooded espaliers. In the park is also the English Garden, commissioned by Maria Carolina of Austria, rich in rare and exotic plants, a picturesque lake and artificial ruins embellished with statues.



The tour consists in the visit of the Royal Palace of Caserta, an architectural masterpiece by Luigi Vanvitelli in the XVIII century with 1200 rooms connected by 34 staircases and illuminated by 1970 windows.

We’ll tour the gardens and see the great waterfall with its marble statues showing Actaeon at the moment of being transformed by the goddess Dianna into a stag.


Tour Price: 60€/hour

Tour type: Culture, History and Art tour; Private tour; Walking tour.

Duration: minimum 2 hours

Wiht a full day excursion it’s possible to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta plus S. Leucio or Casertavecchia (one of the two)

Maximum travelers: 14 (a small group garantee a better quality service) Tours for larger groups can be arranged on demand.

What’s not included: Entrance ticket;

Trasportation (If  it can be arranged with Mercedes Limousine, Mini Van or Bus, Hotel pick-up or drop-off)

Kid Friendly: Yes

Disable friendly:Yes

I can arrange an itinerary for wheel chairs and your needs.



tel: +39 3284134719


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